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Welcome to my Website

Hello Friends,

Welcome to my Rona Yellow Robe Website/Blog.

I am very excited to get to share with you my experiences of my journey with the People and Places my Native American flutes take me.

This is my first "real" website, let alone Blog. I have had a dot-com in the past, but had no clue how to manage it; therefore, it went unmanaged. What happened then is a company from another country bought my dot-com and was willing to sell it back to me for no less than $500. You gotta love capitalism. As you can see, I am now a

As I have been the designer of my website, I can understand why Web Desginers cost a pretty penny, and believe me, they deserve every cent. I won't deny it has been fun creating my own website, but there's a lot to it, and just as hard as you think it might be, you find yourself wishing it was that easy.

Anyway, WELCOME!

My Intention in creating this Blog is to connect with friends who are truly interested or perhaps curious in our music, the Native American flute, what happens at the schools I am teaching in, and the concerts and events I play.

I will keep this first Blog simple & sweet.

Thank you for joining me.

In the Breath of Music,

Rona Yellow Robe

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