Flute Quest Performance
Flute Quest Performance

RC & Rona
RC & Rona

Flute Quest Performance
Flute Quest Performance

 About Rona Yellow Robe

    2014 and 2016 Native American Music Awards (NAMA) Flutist of the Year, Rona Yellow Robe was born and raised in Havre, Montana and is an enrolled member of the Chippewa Cree Tribe of Rocky Boy, Montana.

Rona is known for her powerful vocal ability, Native American flute style, and heart-filled presence. She picked up her first flute in 2002 and has been on a Musical and Spiritual journey ever since. It is by playing the Native American flute, which she refers to as her "other voice,” that she has become comfortable sharing with all audiences many aspects of her life that are personal and meaningful to her.


Rona Yellow Robe and Bruce Witham have been creating music together since May, 2008. They have recorded four albums, “Voice of the Trees” (2009), “The Gathering” (2012), a Christmas album entitled “Lighting Our Way” (2013), and most recently, their latest album, "Shoot For The Moon" (2016).

 In 2010, Rona and Bruce received the Native American Music Awards nomination as Songwriters of the Year for their song, “Voice of the Trees.”   Rona and Bruce's album, "The Gathering" was Nominated for Record of the Year by the 2014 NAMA.  Also, Rona was nominated by the 2016 Native American Music Awards for Female Vocalist off their Christmas CD, "Lighting Our Way", and then taking home, once again, Flutist  of the Year for their latest  CD "Shoot For The Moon".

Rona Yellow Robe and Bruce Witham have performed concerts on stages nationwide; Utah, Wisconsin, California, Florida, Oregon, and Washington, to name a few, and have recently gone International.  

Over the past six years they have played hundreds of events including festivals, art shows, schools, weddings, memorial services, powwows, and holiday celebrations. They have honored military veterans and their families with their music, and have worked in close partnership with Multicare Hospice in Washington State for the past seven years.  They have begun expanding and honing their skills as music teachers and workshop facilitators.

We have always said, "We will perform for 5 or 500." We have done both. It's all about blessing people's lives with the music.


Rona's and Bruce's Music is created with the Intention to inspire, uplift, and fill the listener with peace, hope, happiness, and visions of joy, love, and prosperity.

                                                      Those who have ears to hear, let them Hear.

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